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Get the shots the industry demands and learn how to edit to broadcast standards.

Video is big business. The industry employs thousands of people with a wide variety of interests, experience and educational backgrounds. They produce videos that feature the latest in programs to educate and entertain: news, sports, politics, economics, fashions, fads, lifestyles, showbiz, music, plus more!


Video has had a great Impact on the thinking and actions of viewers. As of 2019, 80% of global Internet consumption will be video content. Video entertains and informs, shapes opinions, affects values, and teaches. The broadcasting industry requires people with enthusiasm, knowledge, fresh ideas and professional working ability.

The WABC Videographer course offers the advantage of acquiring good working skills with all the areas of video production -- a must for those pursuing careers as videographers. 

Find out more about Western Academy Broadcasting College  or book a studio tour to see the campus.

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